What better way of ending a great theme of spring cleaning by celebrating International Women’s day! The fabulous MICHELLE OBAMA is one the ultimate inspirational women; a American Lawyer, writer and to top it off was the first lady of American, making history by being the first ever African-American first lady. As First Lady, Michelle Obama became a fashion icon, a role model for women across the world, and an advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating.

As it was International Women’s day on Wednesday;  Jem (another fabulous ambassador for Soap & Glory)  and I went around the Leeds campus, distributing bags of Soap & Glory goodies.The sun was shining and the student bar was packed, temperatures reaching up to  scorching 13 degrees and so quite rightly; sunglasses were on, bare arms were on show and the beer was flowing. It was the sign that spring was here and summer was on its way.


International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March, commemorating the movement for women’s rights. The earliest Women’s Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York. The day is now an official holiday in several countries including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Zambia and for women only in countries including China, Madagascar and Nepal.

Jem and I wanted to surprise the girls around Leeds campus to celebrate women. All the girls were thrilled with their Soap & Glory’s products. We gave out a few party packs to groups of girls and they were really surprised at just how much they got in the packs, the aim was to make these girls feel great and reward them for just being themselves.

SOAP & GLORY are all about supporting girls and Women everywhere; creating products that make you look and smell great, embellishing confidence.




Would love to hear how you celebrated International Women’s day!

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I have now been using the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer as well as the instant retouch pressed powder and the Kick Ass light brightener stick for a couple of weeks now and I have really taken to all the products.


Before I began working as a student ambassador for Soap & Glory, I had always been a bit weary of what make-up products to buy and so this led me either to buy the wrong kind of products and colour for my skin or I just wouldn’t buy them at all. However, Soap & Glory’s concealers have been great as they have been easy to use and are really effective.


After moisturising my face, I apply the Kick Ass concealer on to red areas and blemishes; going by the three steps that are shown around the side of the concealer. I then use the Kick Ass light brightener stick for under by eyes and highlighting areas such as; just under the end of my eyebrow, my nose and top of my cheek bones. This is really easy to apply as you can just rub it into your skin using your finger; creating instant results. Lastly to follow this I then use a brush to apply the retouch powder for under by eyes and where I had highlighted areas on my face. This gives a flawless finish and creates the appearance of fresher and brighter skin.


Overall, I would really recommend all these products; its been really easy to add them into my make-up routine as well as having long lasting results!

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In relation to my last blog about out with the old and in with the bold; i’m making a extra effort to lighten my life in other ways and my skin care and make- up routine is next on my list.



This spring I need some thing that smells great and lasts a long time, due to my student budget, as when I buy a product I really consider how long it is going to last, what the outcome of me using it is going to be and then, obviously, the way it smells. Look no further for a product so fantastically soaper; transforming rough elbows by reviving skin so it feels super silky. Those bumps on the back of your arms will be no more once you give  it scrub with the SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE. This super product relieves tired skin creating a healthy glow. Shower times are made fun with the iconic Soap & Glory smell.

AND… to top it all off, there is a face scrub as well!! giving your skin that fresh feeling this Spring!! Again the great smelling quality of the product leaves you feeling fabulously great.

Soap & Glory have a way of capturing a subtle and delicate scent, that when rubbed into your skin, releases a flurry of fabulous fragrances that last for the whole day, resulting in you smelling great. I’m talking about the BUTTER YOURSELF, this wonderful tub super soothing body cream contains the smells of five fruits. The foam like texture creates instant ease when applying to your skin, as the light consistency of the body cream leaves you feeling fabulously fragrant. The best part about the cream is that it isn’t heavy or sticky and so makes for a great product to use when you have just come out of the shower or through out the day.



hope you enjoyed reading this! Would love to hear what you think!!

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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”
– Katharine Hepburn

I’m taking inspiration from the quote above and Baddie Winkle, whom sports the most fabulously, dazzling and abundant amount of colour. Wearing the boldest and brightest colours loud & proud proves fantastic inspiration for Soap & Glory’s SPRING CLEAN month; where its out with the old and in with the bold. Chuck out your winter blues and replace them with new fresh ideas and outlooks on life.


This spring 2017, for me, is going to the month where I revive those winter colours and ENFUSE  my wardrobe with some bright and bold colours! The ULTIMATE fashion bible that is VOGUE, suggests that when it comes to fashion; this month its all about wearing colour with confidence. At  Soap & Glory we could’t agree more as we want you to make a statement and find your inner goddess. Spring/ Summer 2017 takes fashion back to its origins, re defining and re shaping the way in which we approach colour. A new confident image with exaggerated lines, metallic effects and graphic prints with bright candy pink and sunshine yellow.

Break the boundaries of which colours can go with which as according to Vogue; clashing is bashing this spring/ summer runways. With designers such as; Valentino, Celeine and Balenciaga all filling catwalks with shocking pinks and tropical yellows and greens. This is the month to truly express yourself.



Stand out from the crowd and SPRING CLEAN your wardrobe with new fresh colours that will make your eyes pop!!


Thanks for reading & Would love to hear what you think!

Imy x

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Can performance help provide a platform for change?

I am a second year Theatre and Performance student at University of Leeds and I have enrolled myself on a module this semester that involves using theatre and performance as a tool to rehabilitate ex-offenders back into the community. The aim of this module is to merely raise awareness and help create performative activities and workshops that can help the ex- offenders form basic social, parenting, cooking skills.

The stigma that surrounds the word ‘offender’ can act as a concrete wall when creating opportunities for the individual. ‘Offender’ immediately conjures judgement from people that do not know what individual has been through. So there is a debate on whether an ‘ex-offender’ should be called this. A girls mother , in my seminar, works with dealing with probation in Manchester etc and they call an ‘ex- offender’ a ‘service user’, purely to try and illuminate the passing judgment.


There is a staggering evidence that suggests that ex offenders are more likely to re offend due to the lack of infrastructure in the community that can help them get, for example; a job after being released.  However, the majority of youths that do offend come from unstable backgrounds; parents are alcoholics or drug addicts or even in prison themselves. There is a huge problem with the care system as well; however, thats another post…

So, I have been going to weekly court sessions; experiencing the space of the court and the formalities. Its been such an interesting experience and so now I am really fascinated in how theatrical techniques can be implemented when dealing with social behaviour.

As a group, we want to find out from the ‘ex offenders’ what they have found hard about being integrated back into the community. We don’t want to know what they have been in prison for or there to judge them on their actions. We are purely there to cry and raise awareness of what could be done in order to give ‘ex offenders’ an opportunity to transform their lives for the better.

We are meeting the women that are in a half way house in Leeds, this is where we can hopefully start to gain an understanding of what the system is like and how it can be improved using performative tools.

Over the nest few weeks I will be discovering whether performance  can really provide a platform for change.

An interesting question to finish on is;

How can former prisoners be ‘re-integrated’ into the community when they were never integrated in the first place? How can you ever expect an individual to change when they aren’t ever given the opportunity?

I hope you found this interesting, Thank you for reading



“A woman is like a tea bag — you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m not about to start a rant on feminism or get into anything political at all… I just want to raise awareness of what a bit confidence can do for you gals this month.


My friends introduced me to this fantastic podcast called ‘The Guilty Feminist’, the comedian Deborah Frances- White talks to special guests discussing the 21st century feminists and their insecurities and hypocrisies. The reason why my friends introduced me to these podcasts was due to the word; ‘sorry’. A very loose word that is used far too often for example; a guy the other day knocked into me causing my bag to fall on the floor and it was my gut reaction to turn around and apologise for something I didn’t do… which I thought about afterwards to myself and questioned why I did that. Since being aware of this my friends and I have been making a special effort not too say sorry for trivial and mundane things that aren’t our fault, as there is no need for excessive apologising.

I think what is so problematic is that girls can get severely insecure about anything, causing us to react in a way that can be deemed inappropriate with in a situation and, yes, this could be to do with social media filling our screens of what we are apparently supposed to be doing for example; gymming everyday, eating super healthy and what we are supposed to wear but to be honest; after an hour in the gym all I want to eat is a big fry up, but thats just me.

What I have learnt the last couple of weeks is that us girls need to stick together; there is no point blaming one another or lashing out at each other for something we personally feel insecure about, we have got to stop the competition as that just doesn’t get us anywhere. There are times when everything seems to be going wrong; you over sleep, you have a ton of work or you got a bad mark in an essay however, its your best friends that are there to help you through these situations… if this has ever happened to you, you have to know that your gal pals are there to help you not to compete against you. img_7388

With Soap & Glory creating this theme of #Galentines, its not merely about putting on some make-up/ moisturiser and expecting everything will ok because you smell good… (but I mean that is a plus) but its about being with your friends and spending quality time together, these girly nights are normally the best, as you can be yourself and let your hair down without being judged.

Soap and Glory support the girls that do both work hard and play hard, be that girl that people aspire to be like. So with the help of Soap and Glory, I say ‘do you’ this month, focus on what you want and do whatever it takes too make sure you are happy and doing what you love. Life’s too short to be spending it doing things you don’t like.


What do you think? would love to hear about your thoughts on what makes you feel great and your interests. When have your gal pals helped you out?

Imy x


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In this blog its all about removing those post night out blues; the funs been had and now your paying the price… With a day (or only an afternoon left) ahead of you, consisting of; a banging headache, the energy of person who has run a marathon and a craving for fast and greasy food.

You look into the bathroom mirror, staring at yourself; thinking how you looked so peng last night and how you just so don’t this morning… Still wearing last nights make up?  and sporting a pair of panda eyes? We have all been there but it gets to that point in the afternoon when; the most you have done is moved from your bed, to the sofa ,to the front door to collect your food delivery and then back again to the sofa, when you decide enough is enough and its time to wash those blues away.

Soap & Glory have the ultimate products for you and your gals this GALENTINES month.


To free those pores up from unwanted dirt and leave a fresh feeling finish use the PURIFYING FOAM CLEANSER, 1 pump away each day from reduced pores. I am always bit wary of use any sort of facial product as I just splash cold water on my face in the morning and evening, however; I started to use the foam cleanser and I saw a noticeable difference within only 5 days, my pores were smaller and my skin looked fresher. Still using it now and can’t get enough of it!




For cleansing, smoothing and toning skin look no further as the 5-IN-1 ‘Magnetising’ Micellar make up remover is just what you need. With a good splash onto cotton wool, those panda eyes are no more. Its pink, its sassy and its for total drama cleans…!  These are great products for your gal pals to try and I can ensure you’ll love them! Each product is delicately fragrant making the products even more appealing to use.

Tell me what you think and go grab these two products from a Boots near you!

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So you have just got out of the shower after having a long day… you look for something to jazz up your daily skin care routine; something that looks so great, something that is packed with a fabulous fragrance  and something that is soaper smooth and easy to apply, leaving you feel effortlessly elegant in only a mere few seconds?


I have just the product; Soap & Glory’s very own Diamond Righteous Body Butter. Kicking off this months theme; #GALENTINES.


If you want a round tub full of glammness, with an added sparkle when rubbed into the skin, to give you that added confidence and shimmer when you head out- letting you sparkle your way through the day, then this product is for you.

Its fragrance stays with you for at least 12 hours resulting in you smelling great all the time. When I wear this, I normally spray the Soap& Glory ORIGINAL body spray around my neck and shoulders to give that added long lasting fragrance.  Also, due to the size of it, I can take it anywhere with me; like to the gym. If you are like me and are always on the move and need to moisturise arms or legs urgently; this immediately works deep into the skin to provide and smooth and nourished finish.

Whats great about this product is that it isn’t sticky nor greasy at all; like some moisturises can be. The butter feels so light and airy resulting in whipped cream- like texture. its not as thick as some body butters but then its not runny either, getting the perfect balance a moisturiser should always have.

Your just £10 away from feeling outrageously fabulous, this is THE perfect gift for one of your gal pals.


Hope this review was helpful?! Would love to hear what you think of this product!

Thanks for reading

Imy x

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This month is all about your GALDEM! Which means this is a chance to get the bubbly (or your Tesco own vodka) and get glammed up with your pals.  whether its quiet night on the sofa with a dominos & watching chick flicks or going out to the student bar…



Of course it is Valentines day this month… this day is much like marmite; you either love or you hate, but why the hate? Just because you don’t have that special someone to share a bottle of wine with doesn’t mean you are a total train wreck…for those who are on their ones, this is a time for you too let your hair down and forget about the pressures of what life chucks at you and dance the night away.

This month do you. Focus on you. Do what YOU want to do and have fun! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Look good and feel great with Soap & Glory’s; SEXY MOTHER PUCKER LIPGLOSS and lather yourself in the RIGHTEOUS body butter, a quick spray of the Soap & Glory FRUITIGO body spray to keep those cares away.


Wanting to make an entrance in life; Soap & Glory enhances what you already have! 80311_hero1_animation_1171x380

How are you going to celebrate your gals? night out? film night? Dinner party?

Thanks for reading- next post coming soon!

Imy x

Hungover? Have a strong coffee (plural)

Three days back into Uni life and my head is pounding… having had two nights hitting the clubs and downing the pints i’m wondering what that photo was about on Facebook, where my house keys are and how I actually got to the club BUT I didn’t loose my ID and card and so it was a successful two nights..!

There are two types of gals on a hangover; the one that is get up and go, this consists of getting up having food, having a shower and getting some fresh air- these gals are getting it right. You have the other kind; consisting of glitter still in hair from the night before, wearing last nights makeup and the most effort they get up too is reaching for their phone that they foolishly left on the other sofa, the other side of the room (the ultimate failure) …. these gals are sporting a mega hangover, where even “the smell of lasagne is too much”.

Yesterday, was one of those days. Having had woken up at midday, each one of my gal pals slowly emerged into the kitchen, immediately heading to the sofa (where we all didn’t move for a further four hours) contemplating our existence and the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Hands down the best bit about the day after is chatting and laughing about the photos taken in the club and all the gossip. The kitchen suddenly came alive with horse voices as we re-watched snap chat stories and discussed what mega bullshit people were chatting about. (excuse the language, only way to describe it…)

It got to about 4:30pm after watching  a really chick flicky film and some show along lines of a Japanese version of wipeout… a couple of us decided we were really hungry. After talking about how hungry we were for about 40 minutes, we finally did something about it. Some immediately looked to their phones for the spectacular creation that is deliveroo, takeout at your fingertips. Where  myself and my gal pal Zoe, decided to get up have a shower and proceed out the house for the monumental walk into town… all we were thinking about was the food and the only place to go, of course, is Wagamamas!


What kind of gal are you when your hungover? whats your go to film and food? take out or go out?

imy   x