Soap and Glory want to commend all you lovely ladies and celebrate the end of exams and the start of a brilliant long summer!!! The days are longer, the sun is warmer and exams are now done!! (misusing a good 99.9% of all cares and worries- especially for all those who have graduated this year!!). Shades are on (and taking inspiration from Baddie Winkle) and this summer is all about vibrant , bold and crazy plans. The busy 2 month period of intense revision done sitting in the Eddy B library (Leeds University Campus)  is now over. However, I did learn that I had to remove myself from this Library as everyone would pile in earlier and earlier to the point queues were forming at 8am and all your friends were there. So this meant, the library became more of a social hub as you once you were home the ritual of; eating supper, chilling a bit with your house mates and then early (ish) to bed, in order to start the next monotonous day began to grow somewhat… a little dull. This was a far cry from the normal spontaneous elongated pub sessions and nights out.


However, with this as something that is well and truly in the past, summer is kicking in!! With holidays planned and festivals to go to; Soap and Glory have created the best possible products that are easy to apply and leave you feeling and looking fabulous. With highlighters, primers and body toners are some of the simply fabulously luscious products, you cannot not afford to miss out!!

Whatever summer you have planned, whether it be; working and earning money to fund travel plans or letting loose and partying until September- Soap and Glory want you to have fun!! So girls let your hair down and lather yourself in Soap and Glory goodness!!!


Thanks for reading!!!

keep up to date on all my posts to do with Soap and Glory’s Summer of glamness !!

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