Exam season is in full swing and any form of a night out seems like a thing of the past, so how do you pop a ray of sunshine into your seemingly tragic life? Well ladies, there is only one thing for it: a pamper night! Now, we’re not talking a full on slumber party because, unfortunately, that is no fun without a bottle of Prosecco! What you can do, however, is have an evening of pamper for one in order to wind down before your wild days at the library. I’ve put together a few essentials for a chilled out, relaxing evening.

A Soap & Glory Hair Turban 

Trust me on this one; these babies are absolute life savers! Like a lot of gals out there, I don’t wash my hair every day, so when I hop in the shower to lather myself in Clean On Me, my hair gets so frizzy! My top tip: pop this hair turban on before you jump in the shower and your hair will fall out in its usual beautiful tresses as per usual.

Facial Scrub. 

During exam season the stress levels can get so high that they start to wreak havoc on your skin and before you know it a baby Mount Everest is growing on you chin. Tough times. With your hair securely out of the way in your hair turban, quench your skin with the soothing soap and glory facial scrub. This facial scrub has many positives; leaving skin feeling fresh and clean and it smells great! The scrub is easy to apply leading you to start your day the right way.

What are your essentials for a pamper night? Post exams, get all of your gals together, pop on your hair turbans and dressing gowns, open a few bottles of bubbles and have a proper girls pamper session! Until then, however, cozy up, get into pamper mode, and smash those exams! The Prosecco is waiting for you at the end…



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