Being bronzed is best

This is probably the best and most frequent beauty hack I use, its the Soap and Glory SUNKISSED BRONZING SPRAY and the GLOW JOB SUNKISSED TINTED MOISTURISING CREAM.

Now I have had a couple of mishaps when using fake tan… The first time I decided to get a spray tan was the day before my Leavers Ball at school, this turned out to be a some what catastrophic decision. We had just got back from the ‘traditional’ leavers trip which consisted of 47 girls being bussed off in the early hours of the morning to the airport where we jumped on a plane to discover the mystical adventures of Magaluf… (best trip ever but another blog for that one!). Obviously, the mornings were incredibly slow and by the afternoon we shimmied our way over to the beach where the mix of being hungover, burnt and hungry was severely unpleasant.

The day after we got back, I decided to book this spray tan. As I went into to the booth, I specifically said to the lady “I would love a sun kissed glow and nothing to clash with my ginger hair” and she replied with “ok, medium then”. I was thinking that medium was a little out of my depths but went in anyways. After 15 minutes of constant spraying, I stepped out of the booth and into the room where my mum was eagerly waiting. I flashed a smile and was greeted with hysterical laughter and sheer shock from my mum. I looked in the mirror and OH MY GOD, I was glowing fluorescent orange. My hair and my skin were merging to one and I honestly looked like an oompa loompa. After FIVE showers with intense scrubbing- it still wasn’t coming off… and so I had to accept the fact I was going to be orange.


However, Soap and Glory have out done themselves again and produced a fabulous and tinted moisturiser and spray on sun kissed tan. I use the tinted moisturiser everyday, especially when I DON’T want to wear make up at all, as it gives you that needed lift and glow. It very natural and would honestly really recommend. Since the little disaster I had, I have been very weary to use any fake tans as either they go streaky, smell bad or have a horrible organgy glow to them. I was quite amazed by this the S&G spray tan. You spray on your body and rub it in, it isn’t sticky or smelly. In fact it is infused with Soap and Glory’s trade mark perfume. I needed a quick tan that was instant and that didn’t feel like it was just sitting on top of my skin and Soap and Glory provided this, it washes off really easily and looks great. The amount of comments I got on looking really naturally brown was fabulous. Nearly through my first bottle and so off to the shops to buy the next!


Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed.

Keep up to date with my instagram account: @im1sk1nner for all the soap and glory news and information!


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