Did YOU see the PUCKERS around?



Today was the day when Soap and Glory hit Leeds uni campus with an influx of pink ducks (otherwise known as pucks) and a suitcase FULL of Soap and Glory products!! Your Leeds on the ground ambassador, Jem Compton, and the digital ambassador, myself, were teamed together to try and spread the word of Soap and Glory, getting as many girls and guys to take a picture and post it on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and put the hashtag ‘whereisthepuck’!

We couldn’t of done the day with out our two fabulous assistants; Cesca Stramotas and Helly Bell who helped create an enormously positive response from students across the campus. We were giving the chance for students to be rewarded with free samples; body mists, lip glosses, the rightous body butter, fabulously fruity hand sanitisers and clean on me shower gel. By the end of the day we only had a few products let!

Remember to keep up to date on my Instagram: @im1sk1nner 80311_hero1_animation_1171x380Here are some pics from today!! Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the even.




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