The Italian Adventure: Summer 2017



Soap and Glory this month are bringing you holiday hacks; easy and efficient ways of making you feel and look glam with vital essentials. The sun is out which means its starting to feel a lot more like summer. However,  the sun brings the burn and rocking the lobster look isn’t fun… and while you can (and should) be religiously applying suncream to every speck of skin, some spots are harder to reach than others!!









So my summer hack for hot holidays is to do with; Suncream:

Cut a piece of cling film – around one metre long – then apply a blob of your suncream to the centre of the film. Take both ends of the film and use it to rub the lotion over your back (as if you were drying off with a towel). Easy trick for solo sun bathing!!

The Planning of the Italian Adventrue: 

So I was bored one day in the library last semester, so much so I was filling in the gaps in letters like ‘a’ and ‘p’ etc… and it was a particularly nice day outside and so I got thinking about my summer plans and realised I only had work and one annual family trip to Cornwall (which I love but I want to try something new after 20 years…). Last summer the girls and I had a very boozy girly holiday to Portugal and similarly this year I want to go somewhere I haven’t seen/ been really before.

So now I sit at the table trying to do some work and am dreaming of sitting at the side of the Grand canal or outside Brunelleschi’s Dome with a Bellini in one hand and slice of pizza in the other. Just in case your still not sure where we are going; we are going to ITALY for just under two weeks. We start off in Rome then move to Milan, Florence and finish in Venice where the rest of girls shall be meeting us! It all sounds frightfully civilised until we realised that we are paying for it with what seems at this current point, limited funds…

However,we are 2 girls hitting the Italian cities and of course soaking up the culture nicely with a chunk of Focaccia and washing that down nicely with an Aperol Spritz.  It will be 27 degrees or maybe more and so, being a ginger, I need to make sure stop the burn, encourage the tan and pack the cling film!!

More on the Italian Adventure!!!

Do you have any summer hacks you want to share? Just comment on this post!!

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