A Students definition of the word “Balance” ..!

My father, otherwise known as Len to me, for the millionth time; has said in his low and lawyerish (my dad is a lawyer btw) tone , “Imogen you have to stop swanning around and partying, things are getting serious and you need to get serious” and I do know exactly what he means; I am going into the third and final semester of second year and my grades really do matter although; I did finish first year with a 2:1 and I was “swanning” around even more then… at which point he told me to stop being such a smart arse and to grow up… fair to say by this point of the conversation Len had well and truly had a sense of humour failure.


(I’m the ginger one..!)

Its fair to say that I do love a party and have finally completely mastered my hangovers the next day; 3 strong black coffees, fresh air and a followed by a croque monsieur and if this isn’t available, a bacon sarnie does the job as well,  this has enabled me to attend  my 9am’s when the odds are against me.

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression; I am a very hard worker and do well in all my work but life is always about balance and so if I have worked for 5 hours, I believe  I have earned a trip to the student bar where over the next 5 hours I do forget what I have done with my day, pre pub.  Also, I am a big believer of “YOLO” (you only live once) my motto for this year was “you live and you learn” teamed with having a fabulous  sense of humour. Life is too short for burying your head in books when your only young once!

I do believe my dear father, Len; has this perception of me which is being paralytically drunk and behaving wildly all the time and I tell him “look Len its only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and the occasional Saturday night”… again he lost his sense of humour. What can I can say; i’m a drama student..! I love a boogie, I love having a good time and an even bigger fan for having a laugh.

This Easter, after possibly one of the best semesters ever and the uni ski trip, I sit on the sofa recovering contemplating the situation I’m in; just paid off my overdraft, giving my liver well deserved rest and trying to plan 10,000 words worth of essays. Now I have had my fun and as my father says;  I need to; “knuckle down” I want to do very well but I refuse to ever become boring.

stay tuned for when I actually have completed all these essays!!


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