EGG-static for Soap & Glory!!

Having just returned from the Uni Ski Trip; it is fair say that bank accounts are now over drawn, faces are completely burnt and livers are well and truly ready for some TLC… However, it was the BEST week ever. The trip completely triumphed all expectations consisting of; skiing in the morning, slipping into a long boozy lunch followed by a (not so steady) ski down to APRES, where the good times just kept getting better and better. With ABBA’s ‘Voulez-Vous’ booming across the 360 Bar in Val Thorens teamed with a beat that you just couldn’t help yourself but dance to, created the perfect atmosphere and with the sun shining, booze flowing and friends all around, it was hard to beat any day that came our way.


Going there and back however, we did have to negotiate aa 28 hour bus drive from Hyde Park, Leeds to the snowy slopes of Val Thorens. I have to say; I did loose my sense of humour somewhere along the alps on the way to Val Thorens when the loo stopped working BUT that was quickly forgotten when we arrived in our hotel. Now of course; On this long voyage we embarked I needed to pack a few essentials just to keep me feeling fresh; this consisted of Simple Facial Wipes (for that much needed face wash), my Body Shop BB foundation and then Soap and Glory highlighter and powder to keep my under eyes looking fresh,  my Soap & Glory SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lipgloss and then a quick spray of the Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE spray to keep me smelling great on what seemed like, a life time.


Now obviously being Ginger; I do have to take extra precautionary measures when facing the sun due to obvious reasons however, it was very hot on the slopes and so I didn’t wear my gloves all the time. This proved to be a some-what catastrophic decision as at the end of the my hands were burning and it was the Soap & Glory hand cream that literally saved my life and my friends lives as well- as it was this little squeeze tube that was passed around the chairlift for a much needed moisturise.




With Easter coming up; Soap and Glory have done well with making their lipsticks taste like CHOCOLATE!! the number of my friends that have come up to me saying that the lipstick is fantastic as it stays on for ages as well as moisturises but also the added bonus of tasting like CHOCOLATE- which makes it the perfect lipstick to wear around the chocolatey season!!

Thanks for reading and would love to hear your thoughts on my blog!?


Supported by Soap & Glory

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