So it is the day that over 800 leeds Uni students are being bussed off to the slopes of Val Thoren! Having a complete nightmare; as I don’t have a big enough suitcase and so having to end up bringing about a thousand little bags… I will definitely loose one but will see how long that takes… Its all sunny here in Leeds, A perfect day to get everyone in the APRES mood; sunnies are on, music is blaring and the booze is flowing. Excitement is running high!!!

HOWEVER, there is the small hurdle of a 26 hour bus ride and the small and, most probable chance, of breaking down in the way of all of our french dreams… although for the smart ones amongst us; for whom are flying there and back it will be an easy breezy journey. With all of this travelling, for us girls we must have our essentials and mine for this trip consists of a few products for example; suncream (for the redheads amongst us) and my lipstick.

Soap and Glory have three fabulous colours of lipstick; seductive red, candy pink and the good old neutral but natural!! Due to there being a major colour class between my ginger and the red lipstick, I can unfortunately not wear it but my housemate looks great in it!! The red is really vibrant and long lasting, if you want a lipstick that will turn heads as soon as you walk into a room- I can assure you this is the one to get!! image1-13

The candy pink and Neutral lipstick are my favourite colours, what I normally do (to add even more glamour) is use some of the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER LIPGLOSS on top to give that added shine! The lipsticks nourish your lips as well as making them look great, with a matte finish which lasts upto 8hrs!!!! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Go grab one for yourself (or a couple) !!


So i’ll be using the lipstick all day and night long on the VT slopes!!

Remember to check out my instagram for posts about competitions and when Jem Compton and I are handing out soap and glory goodies!!!

Instagram: @im1sk1nner !!!

Thanks for reading!! would love to know what you think of the lipsticks!!


Supported by Soap and Glory

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