Easter is fast approaching; deadlines are looming and exam season is surely coming our way soon… However, who cares about all that stuff when for one week we are going to be sunning our selves on the VT (Val Thoren) slopes. Over 800 students are being bussed off to the French Slopes for week; which can only be described as the BEST week of your life. As I sit here in rainy Leeds on a Sunday night; trying to get my life together, I can’t help but think about the Apres, French food and of course the Skiing..!

I like to think I’m a good skier… however sometimes I have the coordination of a brick wall; so pretty much next to none and with the influence of a healthy dosing of alcohol; we shall be seeing if I manage to even get down one slope.


Anyway… moving onto more important things and thats packing and what essentials I’m going to bring with me. Now with being blessed with the ginger gene… the sun isn’t always my friend and so i’m going to pack all the suncream I can get, as there is a high risk of me resembling a tomato at the end of the day, which just wouldn’t be ideal at all.

Luckily; Soap and Glory have got the perfect products this Easter and so it’s going to be easy for me to chose. At the moment; i’m obsessed with their mascara; which doesn’t clump!!! this was the best finding when I used it, the brush; with one side longer than the other enables you to get that best finish you can get. Following on from this, the neutral eye shadow palette is a personal favourite;  there is a choice of matte and shiny colours; perfect for getting that ‘Au Natural’ look making you look effortlessly fabulous. In the words of Lionel Richie and you have been partying “All night long”, leaving you with panda eyes and thumping headache the next morning, this makeup doesn’t smudge; staying on for at least 12 hours, so even though you won’t be feeling fresh the next day, its always nice to know that your eye shadow is still on point.



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Thanks for reading

Imy x


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