Easter is nearly upon us and that means ONE thing… First thing; Soap and Glory bring you EASTER TREATS consisting of the NEW SMOOTHIE STAR range. Lucky for me I have the fabulous job of trying these products and giving them honest reviews and so you guys can go out and buy what you love and feel like.



So in this months parcel I received The SMOOTHIE BODY BUTTER, BODY MILK & BREAKFAST SCRUB. What I say in all my reviews when reviewing the body butters and milks, is that; the consistency is never gloupy, sticky or really runny. The ‘lightly whipped’ body cream gives it a light and easy applicable quality to it.

I like to mix it up when using these three products; to jazz up my daily shower, I use the OAT, SUGAR AND SHEA BREAKFAST SCRUB to nourish my skin by getting rid of any dead skin. On the tub it says ‘Great maple scent’, I’m always weary when products try and create a scent stemming around food… however, this scrub REALLY DOES smell like Maple syrup and what is so great about is that its not too sweet or sickly smelling; getting the balance completely right.

After using this; I either use the deep moisture body milk or the body buttercream- it really depends on what is closest to me at the time… I have found that the body milk is fantastic for keeping my skin extra nourished for longer; this is because it has a ‘waterlock moisture trapping matrix’; helping to prolong that needed moisture when the days have still a chill in the air.


80311_hero1_animation_1171x380Make sure you keep updated with all the competitions and days when Jem Compton and myself are handing out Soap and Glory goodies!!

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Thanks for reading

Imy xx


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