I have now been using the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer as well as the instant retouch pressed powder and the Kick Ass light brightener stick for a couple of weeks now and I have really taken to all the products.


Before I began working as a student ambassador for Soap & Glory, I had always been a bit weary of what make-up products to buy and so this led me either to buy the wrong kind of products and colour for my skin or I just wouldn’t buy them at all. However, Soap & Glory’s concealers have been great as they have been easy to use and are really effective.


After moisturising my face, I apply the Kick Ass concealer on to red areas and blemishes; going by the three steps that are shown around the side of the concealer. I then use the Kick Ass light brightener stick for under by eyes and highlighting areas such as; just under the end of my eyebrow, my nose and top of my cheek bones. This is really easy to apply as you can just rub it into your skin using your finger; creating instant results. Lastly to follow this I then use a brush to apply the retouch powder for under by eyes and where I had highlighted areas on my face. This gives a flawless finish and creates the appearance of fresher and brighter skin.


Overall, I would really recommend all these products; its been really easy to add them into my make-up routine as well as having long lasting results!

Thanks for reading!!

Don’t forget to take a look at my instagram account: @im1sk1nner for more Soap and Glory posts and updates!

Imy x


Supported by Soap & Glory

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