In relation to my last blog about out with the old and in with the bold; i’m making a extra effort to lighten my life in other ways and my skin care and make- up routine is next on my list.



This spring I need some thing that smells great and lasts a long time, due to my student budget, as when I buy a product I really consider how long it is going to last, what the outcome of me using it is going to be and then, obviously, the way it smells. Look no further for a product so fantastically soaper; transforming rough elbows by reviving skin so it feels super silky. Those bumps on the back of your arms will be no more once you give  it scrub with the SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE. This super product relieves tired skin creating a healthy glow. Shower times are made fun with the iconic Soap & Glory smell.

AND… to top it all off, there is a face scrub as well!! giving your skin that fresh feeling this Spring!! Again the great smelling quality of the product leaves you feeling fabulously great.

Soap & Glory have a way of capturing a subtle and delicate scent, that when rubbed into your skin, releases a flurry of fabulous fragrances that last for the whole day, resulting in you smelling great. I’m talking about the BUTTER YOURSELF, this wonderful tub super soothing body cream contains the smells of five fruits. The foam like texture creates instant ease when applying to your skin, as the light consistency of the body cream leaves you feeling fabulously fragrant. The best part about the cream is that it isn’t heavy or sticky and so makes for a great product to use when you have just come out of the shower or through out the day.



hope you enjoyed reading this! Would love to hear what you think!!

Imy x

Supported by Soap & Glory

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