“A woman is like a tea bag — you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m not about to start a rant on feminism or get into anything political at all… I just want to raise awareness of what a bit confidence can do for you gals this month.


My friends introduced me to this fantastic podcast called ‘The Guilty Feminist’, the comedian Deborah Frances- White talks to special guests discussing the 21st century feminists and their insecurities and hypocrisies. The reason why my friends introduced me to these podcasts was due to the word; ‘sorry’. A very loose word that is used far too often for example; a guy the other day knocked into me causing my bag to fall on the floor and it was my gut reaction to turn around and apologise for something I didn’t do… which I thought about afterwards to myself and questioned why I did that. Since being aware of this my friends and I have been making a special effort not too say sorry for trivial and mundane things that aren’t our fault, as there is no need for excessive apologising.

I think what is so problematic is that girls can get severely insecure about anything, causing us to react in a way that can be deemed inappropriate with in a situation and, yes, this could be to do with social media filling our screens of what we are apparently supposed to be doing for example; gymming everyday, eating super healthy and what we are supposed to wear but to be honest; after an hour in the gym all I want to eat is a big fry up, but thats just me.

What I have learnt the last couple of weeks is that us girls need to stick together; there is no point blaming one another or lashing out at each other for something we personally feel insecure about, we have got to stop the competition as that just doesn’t get us anywhere. There are times when everything seems to be going wrong; you over sleep, you have a ton of work or you got a bad mark in an essay however, its your best friends that are there to help you through these situations… if this has ever happened to you, you have to know that your gal pals are there to help you not to compete against you. img_7388

With Soap & Glory creating this theme of #Galentines, its not merely about putting on some make-up/ moisturiser and expecting everything will ok because you smell good… (but I mean that is a plus) but its about being with your friends and spending quality time together, these girly nights are normally the best, as you can be yourself and let your hair down without being judged.

Soap and Glory support the girls that do both work hard and play hard, be that girl that people aspire to be like. So with the help of Soap and Glory, I say ‘do you’ this month, focus on what you want and do whatever it takes too make sure you are happy and doing what you love. Life’s too short to be spending it doing things you don’t like.


What do you think? would love to hear about your thoughts on what makes you feel great and your interests. When have your gal pals helped you out?

Imy x


Supported by Soap & Glory


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