In this blog its all about removing those post night out blues; the funs been had and now your paying the price… With a day (or only an afternoon left) ahead of you, consisting of; a banging headache, the energy of person who has run a marathon and a craving for fast and greasy food.

You look into the bathroom mirror, staring at yourself; thinking how you looked so peng last night and how you just so don’t this morning… Still wearing last nights make up?  and sporting a pair of panda eyes? We have all been there but it gets to that point in the afternoon when; the most you have done is moved from your bed, to the sofa ,to the front door to collect your food delivery and then back again to the sofa, when you decide enough is enough and its time to wash those blues away.

Soap & Glory have the ultimate products for you and your gals this GALENTINES month.


To free those pores up from unwanted dirt and leave a fresh feeling finish use the PURIFYING FOAM CLEANSER, 1 pump away each day from reduced pores. I am always bit wary of use any sort of facial product as I just splash cold water on my face in the morning and evening, however; I started to use the foam cleanser and I saw a noticeable difference within only 5 days, my pores were smaller and my skin looked fresher. Still using it now and can’t get enough of it!




For cleansing, smoothing and toning skin look no further as the 5-IN-1 ‘Magnetising’ Micellar make up remover is just what you need. With a good splash onto cotton wool, those panda eyes are no more. Its pink, its sassy and its for total drama cleans…!  These are great products for your gal pals to try and I can ensure you’ll love them! Each product is delicately fragrant making the products even more appealing to use.

Tell me what you think and go grab these two products from a Boots near you!

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80311_hero1_animation_1171x380Thanks for reading

Imy x


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