This month is all about your GALDEM! Which means this is a chance to get the bubbly (or your Tesco own vodka) and get glammed up with your pals.  whether its quiet night on the sofa with a dominos & watching chick flicks or going out to the student bar…



Of course it is Valentines day this month… this day is much like marmite; you either love or you hate, but why the hate? Just because you don’t have that special someone to share a bottle of wine with doesn’t mean you are a total train wreck…for those who are on their ones, this is a time for you too let your hair down and forget about the pressures of what life chucks at you and dance the night away.

This month do you. Focus on you. Do what YOU want to do and have fun! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Look good and feel great with Soap & Glory’s; SEXY MOTHER PUCKER LIPGLOSS and lather yourself in the RIGHTEOUS body butter, a quick spray of the Soap & Glory FRUITIGO body spray to keep those cares away.


Wanting to make an entrance in life; Soap & Glory enhances what you already have! 80311_hero1_animation_1171x380

How are you going to celebrate your gals? night out? film night? Dinner party?

Thanks for reading- next post coming soon!

Imy x

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