Hungover? Have a strong coffee (plural)

Three days back into Uni life and my head is pounding… having had two nights hitting the clubs and downing the pints i’m wondering what that photo was about on Facebook, where my house keys are and how I actually got to the club BUT I didn’t loose my ID and card and so it was a successful two nights..!

There are two types of gals on a hangover; the one that is get up and go, this consists of getting up having food, having a shower and getting some fresh air- these gals are getting it right. You have the other kind; consisting of glitter still in hair from the night before, wearing last nights makeup and the most effort they get up too is reaching for their phone that they foolishly left on the other sofa, the other side of the room (the ultimate failure) …. these gals are sporting a mega hangover, where even “the smell of lasagne is too much”.

Yesterday, was one of those days. Having had woken up at midday, each one of my gal pals slowly emerged into the kitchen, immediately heading to the sofa (where we all didn’t move for a further four hours) contemplating our existence and the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Hands down the best bit about the day after is chatting and laughing about the photos taken in the club and all the gossip. The kitchen suddenly came alive with horse voices as we re-watched snap chat stories and discussed what mega bullshit people were chatting about. (excuse the language, only way to describe it…)

It got to about 4:30pm after watching  a really chick flicky film and some show along lines of a Japanese version of wipeout… a couple of us decided we were really hungry. After talking about how hungry we were for about 40 minutes, we finally did something about it. Some immediately looked to their phones for the spectacular creation that is deliveroo, takeout at your fingertips. Where  myself and my gal pal Zoe, decided to get up have a shower and proceed out the house for the monumental walk into town… all we were thinking about was the food and the only place to go, of course, is Wagamamas!


What kind of gal are you when your hungover? whats your go to film and food? take out or go out?

imy   x

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