YES! You can have it all..!! The ever so pink retro label branded on the bottles OOZE sophistication, glamour and most importantly; consists of fabulously soapy gloriousness! What more can you want than feeling a million dollars when in the shower, infusing boring shower times with fabulous fragrance, effortless elegance and super-soothing soapiness. As an avid user of Soap & Glory, I rarely leave the house with out my essentials in my bag; the hand food, the sexy mother pucker lip gloss and original body spray, for those vital moments throughout the day. With this in mind, I would love the opportunity to spread the ultimate beauty sensation around my University. Being in my second year of studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds, I feel that the theatrical network within Leeds, could do with a kick ass product to enhance egos as well as keeping up appearances.

Being the network fiend I am… I can spice up the sports societies, as a member and player of the Women’s Lacrosse Club, making sport fabulously glamorous by spreading the love for Soap & Glory as a glamambassador! The bustling city of Leeds is bursting with different characters and cultures, creating a fantastic platform to elevate Soap & Glory products to the students that have come from far and wide, whom may not be familiar with the utterly tingly, glam packed products . Leeds is known for its edgy vibes and student night life, as we gals know, the preparation for the night is the most important and so why don’t I help fill girls bathrooms across Leeds with righteous body butter, flaking away cares and worries of the day, embellishing gals beauty and confidence everywhere. Soap & Glory captures the essence of natural beauty making every girl feel that little bit more girly. I would be filled with pride and would absolutely love to help share the excitement of knowing how fabulous this product makes people feel.

If you want an enthusiastic, sociable and fun loving’ gal to glamambass her away across Leeds then look no further…!

Thank you for reading!


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