Soap and Glory want to commend all you lovely ladies and celebrate the end of exams and the start of a brilliant long summer!!! The days are longer, the sun is warmer and exams are now done!! (misusing a good 99.9% of all cares and worries- especially for all those who have graduated this year!!). Shades are on (and taking inspiration from Baddie Winkle) and this summer is all about vibrant , bold and crazy plans. The busy 2 month period of intense revision done sitting in the Eddy B library (Leeds University Campus)  is now over. However, I did learn that I had to remove myself from this Library as everyone would pile in earlier and earlier to the point queues were forming at 8am and all your friends were there. So this meant, the library became more of a social hub as you once you were home the ritual of; eating supper, chilling a bit with your house mates and then early (ish) to bed, in order to start the next monotonous day began to grow somewhat… a little dull. This was a far cry from the normal spontaneous elongated pub sessions and nights out.


However, with this as something that is well and truly in the past, summer is kicking in!! With holidays planned and festivals to go to; Soap and Glory have created the best possible products that are easy to apply and leave you feeling and looking fabulous. With highlighters, primers and body toners are some of the simply fabulously luscious products, you cannot not afford to miss out!!

Whatever summer you have planned, whether it be; working and earning money to fund travel plans or letting loose and partying until September- Soap and Glory want you to have fun!! So girls let your hair down and lather yourself in Soap and Glory goodness!!!


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Exam season is in full swing and any form of a night out seems like a thing of the past, so how do you pop a ray of sunshine into your seemingly tragic life? Well ladies, there is only one thing for it: a pamper night! Now, we’re not talking a full on slumber party because, unfortunately, that is no fun without a bottle of Prosecco! What you can do, however, is have an evening of pamper for one in order to wind down before your wild days at the library. I’ve put together a few essentials for a chilled out, relaxing evening.

A Soap & Glory Hair Turban 

Trust me on this one; these babies are absolute life savers! Like a lot of gals out there, I don’t wash my hair every day, so when I hop in the shower to lather myself in Clean On Me, my hair gets so frizzy! My top tip: pop this hair turban on before you jump in the shower and your hair will fall out in its usual beautiful tresses as per usual.

Facial Scrub. 

During exam season the stress levels can get so high that they start to wreak havoc on your skin and before you know it a baby Mount Everest is growing on you chin. Tough times. With your hair securely out of the way in your hair turban, quench your skin with the soothing soap and glory facial scrub. This facial scrub has many positives; leaving skin feeling fresh and clean and it smells great! The scrub is easy to apply leading you to start your day the right way.

What are your essentials for a pamper night? Post exams, get all of your gals together, pop on your hair turbans and dressing gowns, open a few bottles of bubbles and have a proper girls pamper session! Until then, however, cozy up, get into pamper mode, and smash those exams! The Prosecco is waiting for you at the end…



Being bronzed is best

This is probably the best and most frequent beauty hack I use, its the Soap and Glory SUNKISSED BRONZING SPRAY and the GLOW JOB SUNKISSED TINTED MOISTURISING CREAM.

Now I have had a couple of mishaps when using fake tan… The first time I decided to get a spray tan was the day before my Leavers Ball at school, this turned out to be a some what catastrophic decision. We had just got back from the ‘traditional’ leavers trip which consisted of 47 girls being bussed off in the early hours of the morning to the airport where we jumped on a plane to discover the mystical adventures of Magaluf… (best trip ever but another blog for that one!). Obviously, the mornings were incredibly slow and by the afternoon we shimmied our way over to the beach where the mix of being hungover, burnt and hungry was severely unpleasant.

The day after we got back, I decided to book this spray tan. As I went into to the booth, I specifically said to the lady “I would love a sun kissed glow and nothing to clash with my ginger hair” and she replied with “ok, medium then”. I was thinking that medium was a little out of my depths but went in anyways. After 15 minutes of constant spraying, I stepped out of the booth and into the room where my mum was eagerly waiting. I flashed a smile and was greeted with hysterical laughter and sheer shock from my mum. I looked in the mirror and OH MY GOD, I was glowing fluorescent orange. My hair and my skin were merging to one and I honestly looked like an oompa loompa. After FIVE showers with intense scrubbing- it still wasn’t coming off… and so I had to accept the fact I was going to be orange.


However, Soap and Glory have out done themselves again and produced a fabulous and tinted moisturiser and spray on sun kissed tan. I use the tinted moisturiser everyday, especially when I DON’T want to wear make up at all, as it gives you that needed lift and glow. It very natural and would honestly really recommend. Since the little disaster I had, I have been very weary to use any fake tans as either they go streaky, smell bad or have a horrible organgy glow to them. I was quite amazed by this the S&G spray tan. You spray on your body and rub it in, it isn’t sticky or smelly. In fact it is infused with Soap and Glory’s trade mark perfume. I needed a quick tan that was instant and that didn’t feel like it was just sitting on top of my skin and Soap and Glory provided this, it washes off really easily and looks great. The amount of comments I got on looking really naturally brown was fabulous. Nearly through my first bottle and so off to the shops to buy the next!


Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed.

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Did YOU see the PUCKERS around?



Today was the day when Soap and Glory hit Leeds uni campus with an influx of pink ducks (otherwise known as pucks) and a suitcase FULL of Soap and Glory products!! Your Leeds on the ground ambassador, Jem Compton, and the digital ambassador, myself, were teamed together to try and spread the word of Soap and Glory, getting as many girls and guys to take a picture and post it on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and put the hashtag ‘whereisthepuck’!

We couldn’t of done the day with out our two fabulous assistants; Cesca Stramotas and Helly Bell who helped create an enormously positive response from students across the campus. We were giving the chance for students to be rewarded with free samples; body mists, lip glosses, the rightous body butter, fabulously fruity hand sanitisers and clean on me shower gel. By the end of the day we only had a few products let!

Remember to keep up to date on my Instagram: @im1sk1nner 80311_hero1_animation_1171x380Here are some pics from today!! Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the even.




The Italian Adventure: Summer 2017



Soap and Glory this month are bringing you holiday hacks; easy and efficient ways of making you feel and look glam with vital essentials. The sun is out which means its starting to feel a lot more like summer. However,  the sun brings the burn and rocking the lobster look isn’t fun… and while you can (and should) be religiously applying suncream to every speck of skin, some spots are harder to reach than others!!









So my summer hack for hot holidays is to do with; Suncream:

Cut a piece of cling film – around one metre long – then apply a blob of your suncream to the centre of the film. Take both ends of the film and use it to rub the lotion over your back (as if you were drying off with a towel). Easy trick for solo sun bathing!!

The Planning of the Italian Adventrue: 

So I was bored one day in the library last semester, so much so I was filling in the gaps in letters like ‘a’ and ‘p’ etc… and it was a particularly nice day outside and so I got thinking about my summer plans and realised I only had work and one annual family trip to Cornwall (which I love but I want to try something new after 20 years…). Last summer the girls and I had a very boozy girly holiday to Portugal and similarly this year I want to go somewhere I haven’t seen/ been really before.

So now I sit at the table trying to do some work and am dreaming of sitting at the side of the Grand canal or outside Brunelleschi’s Dome with a Bellini in one hand and slice of pizza in the other. Just in case your still not sure where we are going; we are going to ITALY for just under two weeks. We start off in Rome then move to Milan, Florence and finish in Venice where the rest of girls shall be meeting us! It all sounds frightfully civilised until we realised that we are paying for it with what seems at this current point, limited funds…

However,we are 2 girls hitting the Italian cities and of course soaking up the culture nicely with a chunk of Focaccia and washing that down nicely with an Aperol Spritz.  It will be 27 degrees or maybe more and so, being a ginger, I need to make sure stop the burn, encourage the tan and pack the cling film!!

More on the Italian Adventure!!!

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A Students definition of the word “Balance” ..!

My father, otherwise known as Len to me, for the millionth time; has said in his low and lawyerish (my dad is a lawyer btw) tone , “Imogen you have to stop swanning around and partying, things are getting serious and you need to get serious” and I do know exactly what he means; I am going into the third and final semester of second year and my grades really do matter although; I did finish first year with a 2:1 and I was “swanning” around even more then… at which point he told me to stop being such a smart arse and to grow up… fair to say by this point of the conversation Len had well and truly had a sense of humour failure.


(I’m the ginger one..!)

Its fair to say that I do love a party and have finally completely mastered my hangovers the next day; 3 strong black coffees, fresh air and a followed by a croque monsieur and if this isn’t available, a bacon sarnie does the job as well,  this has enabled me to attend  my 9am’s when the odds are against me.

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression; I am a very hard worker and do well in all my work but life is always about balance and so if I have worked for 5 hours, I believe  I have earned a trip to the student bar where over the next 5 hours I do forget what I have done with my day, pre pub.  Also, I am a big believer of “YOLO” (you only live once) my motto for this year was “you live and you learn” teamed with having a fabulous  sense of humour. Life is too short for burying your head in books when your only young once!

I do believe my dear father, Len; has this perception of me which is being paralytically drunk and behaving wildly all the time and I tell him “look Len its only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and the occasional Saturday night”… again he lost his sense of humour. What can I can say; i’m a drama student..! I love a boogie, I love having a good time and an even bigger fan for having a laugh.

This Easter, after possibly one of the best semesters ever and the uni ski trip, I sit on the sofa recovering contemplating the situation I’m in; just paid off my overdraft, giving my liver well deserved rest and trying to plan 10,000 words worth of essays. Now I have had my fun and as my father says;  I need to; “knuckle down” I want to do very well but I refuse to ever become boring.

stay tuned for when I actually have completed all these essays!!


EGG-static for Soap & Glory!!

Having just returned from the Uni Ski Trip; it is fair say that bank accounts are now over drawn, faces are completely burnt and livers are well and truly ready for some TLC… However, it was the BEST week ever. The trip completely triumphed all expectations consisting of; skiing in the morning, slipping into a long boozy lunch followed by a (not so steady) ski down to APRES, where the good times just kept getting better and better. With ABBA’s ‘Voulez-Vous’ booming across the 360 Bar in Val Thorens teamed with a beat that you just couldn’t help yourself but dance to, created the perfect atmosphere and with the sun shining, booze flowing and friends all around, it was hard to beat any day that came our way.


Going there and back however, we did have to negotiate aa 28 hour bus drive from Hyde Park, Leeds to the snowy slopes of Val Thorens. I have to say; I did loose my sense of humour somewhere along the alps on the way to Val Thorens when the loo stopped working BUT that was quickly forgotten when we arrived in our hotel. Now of course; On this long voyage we embarked I needed to pack a few essentials just to keep me feeling fresh; this consisted of Simple Facial Wipes (for that much needed face wash), my Body Shop BB foundation and then Soap and Glory highlighter and powder to keep my under eyes looking fresh,  my Soap & Glory SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lipgloss and then a quick spray of the Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE spray to keep me smelling great on what seemed like, a life time.


Now obviously being Ginger; I do have to take extra precautionary measures when facing the sun due to obvious reasons however, it was very hot on the slopes and so I didn’t wear my gloves all the time. This proved to be a some-what catastrophic decision as at the end of the my hands were burning and it was the Soap & Glory hand cream that literally saved my life and my friends lives as well- as it was this little squeeze tube that was passed around the chairlift for a much needed moisturise.




With Easter coming up; Soap and Glory have done well with making their lipsticks taste like CHOCOLATE!! the number of my friends that have come up to me saying that the lipstick is fantastic as it stays on for ages as well as moisturises but also the added bonus of tasting like CHOCOLATE- which makes it the perfect lipstick to wear around the chocolatey season!!

Thanks for reading and would love to hear your thoughts on my blog!?


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So it is the day that over 800 leeds Uni students are being bussed off to the slopes of Val Thoren! Having a complete nightmare; as I don’t have a big enough suitcase and so having to end up bringing about a thousand little bags… I will definitely loose one but will see how long that takes… Its all sunny here in Leeds, A perfect day to get everyone in the APRES mood; sunnies are on, music is blaring and the booze is flowing. Excitement is running high!!!

HOWEVER, there is the small hurdle of a 26 hour bus ride and the small and, most probable chance, of breaking down in the way of all of our french dreams… although for the smart ones amongst us; for whom are flying there and back it will be an easy breezy journey. With all of this travelling, for us girls we must have our essentials and mine for this trip consists of a few products for example; suncream (for the redheads amongst us) and my lipstick.

Soap and Glory have three fabulous colours of lipstick; seductive red, candy pink and the good old neutral but natural!! Due to there being a major colour class between my ginger and the red lipstick, I can unfortunately not wear it but my housemate looks great in it!! The red is really vibrant and long lasting, if you want a lipstick that will turn heads as soon as you walk into a room- I can assure you this is the one to get!! image1-13

The candy pink and Neutral lipstick are my favourite colours, what I normally do (to add even more glamour) is use some of the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER LIPGLOSS on top to give that added shine! The lipsticks nourish your lips as well as making them look great, with a matte finish which lasts upto 8hrs!!!! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Go grab one for yourself (or a couple) !!


So i’ll be using the lipstick all day and night long on the VT slopes!!

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Easter is fast approaching; deadlines are looming and exam season is surely coming our way soon… However, who cares about all that stuff when for one week we are going to be sunning our selves on the VT (Val Thoren) slopes. Over 800 students are being bussed off to the French Slopes for week; which can only be described as the BEST week of your life. As I sit here in rainy Leeds on a Sunday night; trying to get my life together, I can’t help but think about the Apres, French food and of course the Skiing..!

I like to think I’m a good skier… however sometimes I have the coordination of a brick wall; so pretty much next to none and with the influence of a healthy dosing of alcohol; we shall be seeing if I manage to even get down one slope.


Anyway… moving onto more important things and thats packing and what essentials I’m going to bring with me. Now with being blessed with the ginger gene… the sun isn’t always my friend and so i’m going to pack all the suncream I can get, as there is a high risk of me resembling a tomato at the end of the day, which just wouldn’t be ideal at all.

Luckily; Soap and Glory have got the perfect products this Easter and so it’s going to be easy for me to chose. At the moment; i’m obsessed with their mascara; which doesn’t clump!!! this was the best finding when I used it, the brush; with one side longer than the other enables you to get that best finish you can get. Following on from this, the neutral eye shadow palette is a personal favourite;  there is a choice of matte and shiny colours; perfect for getting that ‘Au Natural’ look making you look effortlessly fabulous. In the words of Lionel Richie and you have been partying “All night long”, leaving you with panda eyes and thumping headache the next morning, this makeup doesn’t smudge; staying on for at least 12 hours, so even though you won’t be feeling fresh the next day, its always nice to know that your eye shadow is still on point.



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Easter is nearly upon us and that means ONE thing… First thing; Soap and Glory bring you EASTER TREATS consisting of the NEW SMOOTHIE STAR range. Lucky for me I have the fabulous job of trying these products and giving them honest reviews and so you guys can go out and buy what you love and feel like.



So in this months parcel I received The SMOOTHIE BODY BUTTER, BODY MILK & BREAKFAST SCRUB. What I say in all my reviews when reviewing the body butters and milks, is that; the consistency is never gloupy, sticky or really runny. The ‘lightly whipped’ body cream gives it a light and easy applicable quality to it.

I like to mix it up when using these three products; to jazz up my daily shower, I use the OAT, SUGAR AND SHEA BREAKFAST SCRUB to nourish my skin by getting rid of any dead skin. On the tub it says ‘Great maple scent’, I’m always weary when products try and create a scent stemming around food… however, this scrub REALLY DOES smell like Maple syrup and what is so great about is that its not too sweet or sickly smelling; getting the balance completely right.

After using this; I either use the deep moisture body milk or the body buttercream- it really depends on what is closest to me at the time… I have found that the body milk is fantastic for keeping my skin extra nourished for longer; this is because it has a ‘waterlock moisture trapping matrix’; helping to prolong that needed moisture when the days have still a chill in the air.


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